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Use the Username that you use to log-in to your ClickSure Affilite account.


We are happy to announce that we will be using ClickSure! We have decided to use the ClickSure Platform to process our payments and affiliate tracking to better serve your needs. has been in beta development since July 2011, and recently processed more than $1.5 Million in sales for its private "Beta Sellers". With all that testing behind them, they are now opening the doors to a selected number of Vendors which will, over the next few months allow them grow and improve the platform’s features. Affiliates are now able to open an account and start promoting the first few products that are already in their Marketplace.

Some of you might have already met the owners of ClickSure at ASE in New York City (Aug 2011). They come from a very similar background to most of us, understand the market very well and are well trusted within the industry. Their CPA Network ( paid out over $13 million dollars to affiliates last year.

The ClickSure Platform is backed by one of the largest processors in Europe with tons of experience in processing high risk products. This means you can be assured outstanding stability.

Payments are made weekly via wire with a two week hold, very similar to ClickBank.

The Product

Mass Traffic Avalanche is a membership based site with 18 video trainings over 5 modules. Each module is over delivered with training the student how to build their online business from A to Z along with building high traffic sources.

Mass Traffic Avalanche Members also get an unannounced bonus of 8 more trainings over 4 modules call Cash Ambush which is accelerated business and traffic tactics.

Additonal software allows the members to achieve traffic success.

This is a super easy to use HIGH quality and HIGH value product. Your customers will love Mass Traffic Avalanche because it's over delivered and actually works.

Tested and proved that "YOU CAN EXPECT SUPER LOW REFUNDS."


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